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InfraGard National Members Alliance

InfraGard is a national information sharing program between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private sector. At the national level, the InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA) was founded in 1996 and now comprises over 80 regional chapters.

Each InfraGard chapter is geographically linked with an FBI Field Office, providing all stakeholders immediate access to experts from law enforcement, industry, academic institutions and other federal, state and local government agencies. Visit http://www.InfraGard.org to learn more about INMA.

InfraGard Houston Members Alliance

“Not only has this transition to InfraGard Member impacted me personally in various ways, but the people around me have also been positively impacted. The constant flow of information from our federal partners and other Members has equipped me to better protect my organization’s customers, as well as my family. The information shared between Members also enhances our nation’s protection.”

– (IHMA Member, Communications Sector)

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As one of the largest InfraGard Chapters with over 3,000 members, InfraGard Houston Members Alliance (IHMA) seeks to enhance the physical- and cyber-related security of critical infrastructure in the Greater Houston Area. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits aimed at equipping them with the tools and professional networks necessary to protect the Greater Houston Area’s critical infrastructure facilities. These benefits include:

Chapter Meetings – IHMA’s Chapter Meetings provide case studies and trends into current issues affecting cyber- and physical-related protection of infrastructure at the global, domestic, and local levels. These meetings also offer valuable networking opportunities so that members can meet other professionals in their sectors.

Cross-Sector Councils – Cross-Sector Councils (CSCs) provide a forum for members working in similar sectors to collaborate with each other for lessons learned and best practices related to cyber- and physical-related security. CSCs also provide an opportunity for members to learn about the latest threats and challenges impacting their sectors.

Security Updates – through the rapidly-evolving global and domestic threat landscape, information and intelligence related to critical infrastructure from sources like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security enable members to stay informed and make the best decisions.

Secure Information Exchange Portal – The secure exchange of information is critical for the protection of critical infrastructure. That’s why IHMA members are provided access to InfraGard’s secure portal, presenting them with the latest information, intelligence, and tool-kits available for cyber- and physical-related security.

Professional Growth and Education – maintaining the lead in the rapidly changing environment of cybersecurity and facility security is imperative for today’s critical infrastructure professionals. Membership with the InfraGard Houston Members Alliance allows for professional growth through focused information relay via lectures, webinars, and other upcoming educational opportunities, as well as leadership growth through Chapter-wide volunteer opportunities.