Defense Industrial Base Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

Defense Industrial Base assets, personnel and infrastructure are increasingly the targets of cyber and physical attacks all over the globe and are of interest because of their value to our Nation’s well-being. Defense Industrial Base firms could be targets for terrorist attacks, Cyber-attacks against control systems, security measures, owners and operators, and information systems can provide attackers access to trade secrets, intellectual property, design and performance information, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive or classified data.

The mission of the Defense Industrial Base Cross-Sector Council (CSC) is to provide a forum for a collaborative effort among Defense Industrial Base professionals; members of management, industrial security and IT professionals, legal representatives, industry vendors and government to protect the Nation’s defense critical infrastructure and key resources against threats and attack.

This CSC is committed to identifying and sharing best practices and security protection techniques for both physical and cyber disciplines to minimize risk to individuals, assets and infrastructure, which is fundamental to InfraGard’s mission.

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