Education Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council

The mission of the Education Cross-Sector Council (CSC), formerly the EdSIG, aims to provide a forum for collaboration among K-12 and Higher Education administrators and professionals, education research and development, vendors, and Government leaders to protect and secure educational resources, students, staff and data against cyber and physical attacks.

The Education CSC’s vision is to connect all Houston-area K-12 and Higher Education institutions, both public and private, to share best practices, tools and techniques to address the  unique challenges in safeguarding students, staff, systems, and data from physical, cyber and privacy threats.

The Education CSC is committed to identifying and sharing best practices and security protection techniques for both physical and cyber disciplines to minimize risks to individuals and institutions. Education has been subject to increasing number of cyber-attacks both externally and internally, posing unique technical challenges in order to safeguard staff and students from cyber threats and protecting sensitive information.  School and campus violence has been an increasing cause of concern as incidents have increased in severity and frequency.  Our Educational Institutions face a number of challenges protecting people and physical assets.

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