Energy Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

Around the world, oil, gas, and chemical critical infrastructure continues to be an increasing target of cyber and physical attacks. One recent report cited that American oil and gas firms are subject to frequent and often successful attempts by insiders, competitors, and foreign governments to access their trade secrets, such as long-term strategic plans, bids tendered for new drilling acreage, and private negotiations with foreign officials.  In addition, an average of 300 terrorist attacks occurs each year against oil and gas targets, both facilities and personnel.

The mission of the Energy Cross-Sector Council (CSC) is to provide a forum for a collaborative effort between oil and gas security professionals, education and research, vendors in industry, academia and government to protect the Nation’s oil and natural gas critical infrastructure and key resources against threats and attack.

This CSC is committed to identifying and sharing best practices and security protection techniques for both physical and cyber disciplines to minimize risk to individuals and infrastructure, which is fundamental to InfraGard’s mission. The CSC maintains a Reward Program to encourage and recognize active participation and support.

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