Healthcare Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

The Healthcare industry has some of the biggest targets in both cyber and physical crime today.  Patient records sell for large amounts of money on the underground markets, patients and their families are often exposed to scams to steal their money by preying on their situations, leading research into ground breaking drugs and potential cures sit behind special access entryways.  Healthcare also faces challenges in the huge diversity of technologies being brought to bear to treat patients, everything from high powered computing for genomics, to the small and compact operating systems that run bedside fluids and vitals. 

The Houston Healthcare Cross-Sector Council’s goal is to focus on bringing information to Healthcare professionals in as diverse array of information as possible, from physical security to cyber security – and to get Houston Healthcare security professionals to connect.

The mission of the Healthcare CSC is to provide an informed, secure and collaborative forum for healthcare professionals to communicate innovative solutions, leverage technologies, share best practices and develop strategies for protecting the Nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

This CSC is dedicated to protecting the healthcare industry by communicating, collaborating and sharing information, in furtherance of InfraGard’s overarching mission.

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