Maritime Domain Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

The mission of the Maritime Domain Cross Sector Council (CSC) is to provide a forum for a collaborative effort between the Maritime Domain, including ports and terminals, stakeholders, government agencies, focused security professionals, education and research, vendors in industry, and academia to protect the Nation’s Maritime Domain assets, critical infrastructure and key resources against threats and attack.

CSC Objectives

The Maritime Domain CSC strives to provide early detection and response to known risks, threats, and attacks, mitigating damage. It also endeavors to discuss threats and vulnerabilities with the Maritime Domain Sector during in-person meetings and via the CSC Network secure portal, as well as share information on both cyber and physical security issues and collaborate on solutions. Its role will be to act as a liaison between members and the government for cyber threats and response, driving improvements and standards for cyber and physical security issues, and ultimately, raising the bar in remediating industry risks.

Contact this Cross-Sector Council

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