Southeast Texas Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

The mission of the Southeast Texas Cross Sector Council (CSC) is to elevate the Nation’s awareness of risk and opportunities involving security threats for all entities/sectors in Southeast Texas, as well as, provide an informed, secure, and collaborative forum to discuss security best practices, innovative solutions, investigative techniques, incident response and practical approaches to defend against security threats both cyber and physical.

All over the globe attacks on Assets, Personal Information (PI), Business Intelligence (BI), Intellectual Property, Technology, Control Systems, and Critical Infrastructure are increasing. Security awareness of attacks, both physical and cyber, are important to all sectors of the Southeast Texas community. The Southeast Texas CSC (Cross Sector Council) is comprised of all sectors; Government, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Education, Retail, Food Services, Medical, Financial, Aviation, Hospitality, Information Technology, etc.

Any attack on any sector of the Southeast Texas community will negatively impact all sectors of Southeast Texas and poses potential harm to national interests. As our dependence grows upon ever-changing technology for daily operations and security, the threats to these technologies and the physical controls around these assets are becoming more harmful and sophisticated.

The Southeast Texas CSC is committed to identifying and sharing best practices and security protection techniques involving all aspects of technology and physical security to minimize risk to individuals and infrastructure which is fundamental to InfraGard’s mission, specifically:

  • Share physical and technology security concerns, controls, and solutions to educate members and protect the Nation’s security;
  • Build a credible team of experts in security protections (both cyber and physical), investigations, and incident response;
  • Actively demonstrate security technologies and practices at security events and member meetings to raise awareness and foster peer-to-peer collaboration;
  • Effectively engage all InfraGard CSCs;
  • And leverage the InfraGard Network secure platform, accessible to active InfraGard members, providing timely threat intelligence products, reports, and warnings.

Contact this Cross-Sector Council

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