Calendar of Upcoming Chapter and Community Events

…As a result of being involved in InfraGard, my interest in maritime cybersecurity began to peak and I started a major initiative to advise outlying port facilities on cybersecurity concerns. This involvement led to the development of my thesis and current career track…

– (IHMA Member, Transportation Sector)

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November 17th, 2022IHMA Maritime Domain CSC Meeting
November 17th, 2022IHMA Education CSC Meeting
November 23rd, 2022IHMA Healthcare CSC Meeting
December (TBD), 2022IHMA Public Venues CSC Meeting
December 7th, 2022IHMA Chapter Meeting
December 8th, 2022IHMA Legal Services CSC Meeting
December 13th, 2022IHMA Defense Industrial Base CSC Meeting
December 13th, 2022 IHMA Telecommunications CSC Meeting
December 15th, 2022 IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
December 15th, 2022IHMA Maritime Domain CSC Meeting
December 15th, 2022IHMA Education CSC Meeting
January 26th, 20223IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
February 15th, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
February 23rd, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
March 9th, 2023IHMA New Member Orientation
March 23rd, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
April 19th, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
April 27th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
May 11th, 2023IHMA Annual Social
May 25th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
June 21st, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
June 22nd, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
July 13th, 2023IHMA New Member Orientation
July 27th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
August 16th, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
August 24th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
September 28th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
October 18th, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
October 26th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
November 1st, 2023IHMA Member Appreciation
November 16th, 2023IHMA New Members Orientation
December 13th, 2023IHMA Chapter Meeting
December 14th, 2023IHMA Technology CSC Meeting
IHMA Chapter Calendar of Events

Dear Houston InfraGard Members,

While we are all monitoring the evolving news and information about this unprecedented event, please follow the guidelines and expertise provided by the Centers for Disease Control for self-care and social distancing.  These are unsettling times and my heart and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this event.  I have an immense appreciation for healthcare and emergency workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this virus.  We will keep you informed on further developments concerning our Chapter; in the meantime feel free to reach out if you need any support through this stressful time.


President, InfraGard Houston Members Alliance