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The best impact I have found in my time with InfraGard is the gradual acceptance of its member companies that we must work together against “bad actors” if we are going to stay ahead of their game…My hope is the vision of InfraGard will continue to develop and evolve into a secure communications channel for companies to truly work in concert in thwarting the criminal activities of those “bad actors”

– (IHMA Member, Information Technology Sector)

InfraGard Membership is for the owners, operators, and security directors and their staffs of the 16 U.S. national key asset and critical infrastructure sectors, which includes members of local, state, and federal law enforcement, as well as individuals who are involved in the security of and protected research at educational institutions. A description of the critical infrastructure sectors, and the disciplines included within each one, can be found on the main InfraGard website.