Banking and Financial Services Cross-Sector Council

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Cross-Sector Council Overview

The financial services sector is a vital part of the national economy and therefore a very critical part of national infrastructure. Banks and other financial institutions face a more acute risk of cyber, physical, and financial attacks due to unique threat vectors resulting from the need to be open to customers and to quickly facilitate payments and other financial activities. Additionally, banks and other financial institutions face a higher than normal requirement for information security, privacy, and confidentiality and in an evolving regulatory environment in which audit requirements and other provisions are becoming more focused on cyber security.

The mission of the Financial Services Cross-Sector Council (CSC) is to provide a forum for the dissemination of intelligence, education, and sharing of best practices relating to cyber, physical, and financial threats to the banking and finance industry among industry members, industry organizations and government. 

This CSC is committed to identifying and sharing intelligence, best practices and security protection techniques involving the banking and finance industry to minimize risk to individuals and institutions which is fundamental to InfraGard’s mission. 

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